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Sector: Communications
System: Gent
Scope: Design, install & commission.
Budget: £160K+

Advanced Fire Solutions carried out the design, supply, installation and commissioning of a complete new fire detection and FM200 suppression system to protect a new equipment room at EE Barnsley, whilst simultaneously installing a new site wide fire alarm system covering all the remaining equipment rooms and common areas.

This project was particularly challenging as the work had to carried out whilst maintaining full protection across the site, without any operational disruption over the Christmas period, traditionally the busiest time of year for the mobile telephone industry.

The project comprised the replacement of the existing obsolete AFA Minerva systems with a new Notifier ID3000 based system, including the provision of high sensitivity View® laser detectors in place of Vesda HSSD equipment, together with the installation of a complete FM200 suppression system in the new equipment room, including a full electrical and mechanical installation. The value of the project to AFS was in excess of £160K.

“AFS were competitive enough to win this particular project and we have now instructed them on many projects of varying values and technical variations.  We have found them very professional and a company you can really talk to and get a more bespoke installation.  We are also happy with the quality and the seriousness Advanced Fire Solutions applied to maintaining our operational integrity of the site during an intense period of the year for us.” Martin Joy, Core Estates Manager, EE


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